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The First ALFORAMA Technical Committee Meeting took place on the 18th of January 2018 and was hosted by the Coordinator of the Consortium IK4-LORTEK in Ordizia, Spain

The ALFORAMA partners reviewed the progress made across the different work packages addressing topics such as definition of innovative alloys feasible by powder technology, and new powders manufacturing.

Lortek performed a brief presentation explaining the review and the different approaches analysed in WP1.

Regarding WP2, all the partners agreed to schedule the work to be carried out in the next tasks.

The meeting participants had the opportunity to visit LORTEK’s facilities. During the tour of the facilities they also exchanged experiences and best practices with LORTEK personnel not directly working on ALFORAMA tasks.



ALFORAMA participated in the European Strategic Approach on Additive Manufacturing that took place on 15th November 2017 in Oeiras, Portugal. The workshop was organised by the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting and AM-motion project. The event brought together stakeholders from key EU projects in Additive Manufacturing to: i) Promote the benefits of European Strategic Actions for AM Manufacturing; ii) Stimulate synergies, maximise mutual benefits and map the collaboration paths; iii) Evaluate the impact of the exploitable results coming from projects; iv) Explore possibilities offered under the new H2020 Working programme; and v) Develop future project ideas, partners and strategies.

Relevant projects included Alforama, Combilaser, OpenHybrid, Bionic Aircraft, Maestro and Borealis. The programme included a session reviewing the main bottlenecks in Additive Manufacturing research and innovation as well as expressions of interest on exploitable results.


The ALFORAMA Kick of Meeting took place on the 4rd of July 2017 in Naples (Italy). The event was host by LEONARDO S.p.A. (Topic Manager Company).

Leonardo is a founding member of the Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative) started in 2008 to develop breakthrough technologies which will significantly reduce the environmental impact of airplanes, helicopters and air transport and fuel efficient aircrafts, with a less emissions of noise and of pollutants (CO2 e NOx).

Leonardo joined the Clean Sky 2 programme, the evolution of the Clean Sky programme, and it is committed to build individual Clean Sky research and innovation projects into demonstration platforms and products close to market-ready levels.
As part of the activities organised within the KoM, the consortium had the opportunity to visit LEONARDO´s facilities.